Best Value Cars

We all wonder what cars are the best value based on yearly operating cost. We have listed the top three cars below for each category.

Compact             cost per mile (Consumer Reports)
Toyota Prius            .47
Honda Fit                 .43
Scoin                        .50
Subaru Legacy           .59
Mazada6                     .56
Honda Accord            .54
Large Cars
Toyota Avalon            .69
Nissan Maxima           .77
Hyundai Azera            .79
Small SUV's
Subaru Forester           .59
Honda CRV                  .59
Mazda CX5                   .63
Midsize SUV's
Nissan Murano             .76
Hyundai Santa Fe         .61
Honda Pilot                   .77
Toyota Tundra              .83
Nissan Titan                  .86
Ford F250 v8              1.16  
When you read over the whole chart the cost range is .43 to 1.77 per mile. When I realize if I put on 12,000 miles per year my real cost for owning my car is 5,000 to 7,500 per year. Drive to the store 10 miles away and the real cost for travel is 5.00+.  

Are there ways to reduce this cost? Yes!! Buy a good used car rather than a new car. Keep your car longer than 5 years. Do some of the maintenance work yourself. Just remember owning a vehicle is not cheap. Give it lots of TLC!

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